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Unlocking your child’s potential

Up Early Intervention Clinic

If you are concerned about your child’s development or have recently received a diagnosis of autism, we know things may seem uncertain right now.

You are not alone. We can help your child achieve their potential.

UP Early Intervention Clinic provides welcoming, developmentally appropriate, and effective therapy programs to reduce the challenges experienced by neurodivergent children and their families.
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In-Clinic Early Intervention for Autism

In our in-clinic therapy program children come and receive services from skilled professionals in our early intervention clinic at the Pacific Autism Family Network hub located in Richmond, BC.
Our bright, welcoming space is an ideal setting for young children with social communication vulnerabilities to reach their potential while being supported by our caring and passionate team.

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Parent Coaching for Autism

Our parent coaching programs offer flexible support to teach you to help your child directly.
We can provide short term support to help you with a specific issue, or work through comprehensive programming together over a longer time period.

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Social Groups for Autism

Our group programming options for different age groups help children prepare for school settings and provide socialization opportunities.
Our Level UP Social Groups help children gain confidence in social situations. Your child will learn the skills and confidence to build meaningful social relationships with others, and advocate for themselves in a group environment.

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What People Say About Us

  • “Our son grew so much during his time at UP Clinic. We felt supported during a time where we did not know what to expect. Knowing our son was in a safe environment and learning new skills was very comforting to us.” – Tamar and Julian, parents of a former client (unsolicited testimonial)

    Tamar and Julian

  • “Our daughter benefited from the caring, kind, gentle and compassionate nature of the clinic and the BIs and BCs that worked with her. Her progress was constantly assessed and utilized in the creation of her treatment goals and sessions plans. We as a family were able to see her progress in-vivo and also scientifically through the performance charts that were available. There was careful planning around her challenges and also a good amount of push for her to surpass her boundaries” – Caralynne and Shane, parents of former client (unsolicited testimonial)

    Caralynne and Shane

  • “Truly transformative, exceeding expectations in a number of areas (eg. language, play skills, everyday behaviour.)” – Mark and Sarah, parents of former client (unsolicited testimonial)

    Mark and Sarah

  • “Our son’s experience has been great since he has always been excited about his sessions at Up. As parents we have also had a great experience with all the staff who have worked with him over the years. He made amazing progress on his communication right after he started sessions and we also saw lots of progress in terms of behaviour. We believe Up was key to his development in his early years.” Javier and Paulina, parents of former client (unsolicited testimonial)

    Javier and Paulina

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Anything is possible when we do it together!

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Our Mission

UP Early Intervention Clinic provides caring, creative, and supportive learning experiences for young autistic children and their families. Our clients benefit from an increased quality of life, confidence in their abilities, and stronger connections with others.