In-Clinic Early Intervention for Autism

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In-Clinic Program for Autism

Our in-clinic program allows children to achieve their potential in a fun, social environment. In-clinic therapy might be for you if…

  • Your child has difficulty doing things that are easy for others
  • You want your child to learn in a social environment from qualified, caring staff
  • You want your child to access safe and developmentally appropriate learning experiences tailored to young children
  • You want your child to learn from experts in early childhood development and autism
  • You would benefit from a “one-stop shop” approach with coordinated services
  • Your lifestyle may not allow for a home-based therapy program

Enrollment Options

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Narrow Focus


2 days per week
A narrow focus program allows us to put a microscope on 1-2 developmental areas. This program option is best suited for children who primarily need to develop social-communication skills, who may be supported by other programming, or where it would be helpful to focus on a smaller set of high priority skills at a given time.

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Limited Focus


3 days per week (Monday/Wednesday/Friday)
A limited focus program allows us to address child needs across a smaller subset of key developmental domains. This program option is best suited for children who would benefit from support in 1-2 developmental areas in addition to social-communication skills.

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Comprehensive Focus

Monday through Friday

5 days per week (Monday through Friday)
A comprehensive focus program allows us to teach a large variety of skills across many developmental domains. This program option is best suited for children who have developmental delays in a variety of areas beyond communication and social skill domains or more than one diagnosis.

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Group-Based ESDM (G-ESDM)

Our group based ESDM program is a subset of our in-clinic program that occurs at a lower staffing ratio (2 staff to 3 children or 2 staff to 4 children) to better prepare children for learning in a classroom setting. All students in our in-clinic program are able to transition to a group ration once they have the prerequisites for learning in this environment.

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Weekday sessions run from:

  • 8:30 – 10:30 am
  • 11:30 – 1:30pm
  • 2:30 – 4:30pm

*Availability of enrolment for any given session time/day will be evaluated and discussed with you at the time of your initial meeting with a Clinical Director.

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Benefits of UP Early Intervention Clinic

Clients in our in-clinc program benefit from:

  • Highly trained and skilled behaviour interventionists
  • Clinical oversight from a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and Certified Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) Therapists
  • Individualized objectives in a variety of areas
  • Speech-Language Pathologist or Occupational Therapist consultation
  • Enriching and stimulating environment
  • Carefully crafted, individualized goal plan

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What is Unique About Our Program

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Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) Certified

Our program supervisors are dually-certified as both Behaviour Analysts (BCBAs) and ESDM Certified Therapists, and each of our Behaviour Interventionists must complete our ESDM focused BI training program with our training coordinator before being placed with a client.

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Professional Development

We plan regular, quarterly professional development for all of our staff so they can provide the highest quality of care. We are an BACB Approved Continuing Education (ACE) provider, and provide workshops to share our expertise with the community.

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Collaborative and Multidisciplinary

Children attending our in-clinic program receive behaviour Intervention support with access to speech and occupational therapy during their sessions if needed. There is no need to drive all over the city for different services. We value professional collaboration and work with any team members you may want to support your child.