Parent Coaching for Autism

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Parent Coaching for Autism

Parent Coaching might be for you if…

  • You struggle to interact with your child.
  • You have a hard time managing your child’s challenging behaviour.
  • You are worried about your child’s development.

Parent coaching is a collaborative process where a professional partners with you to help you make meaningful changes with your child. This parent coach will then design tailored support strategies and help you implement them in order to empower you to teach your children new skills or help them flourish in everyday settings.

Parent Coaching for Autism Options

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Fly Up: Individualized Parent Coaching Options

Work one on one with a parent coach to help you meet your goals for yourself and your child. Parent coaches work with you weekly or bi-weekly over a short or long term period to help you, manage challenging situations in your daily lives (e.g., dangerous behaviours, toilet training, etc.), connect and play with your child, and teach your child important skills. Some of our individualized parent coaching programs include:

  • ESDM Parent coaching: weekly hands-on coaching sessions with a behaviour analyst or case manager to learn to implement ESDM therapy through your everyday activities at home.
  • Strike a Balance: Parent Coaching for Challenging Behaviour – weekly hands-on coaching sessions with a behaviour analyst or case manager to help you teach your child the key skills of communication, toleration, and cooperation, to reduce emerging problem behaviour and strike a balance between parent and child led interactions across your day.
  • RUBI Parent Training curriculum – Educational program implemented by a case manager to teach you behavioural strategies to manage challenging behaviour across your day.
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Parent Workshop Series

Accessible and relevant information for families

We offer a parent workshop series, where we bring in expert speakers to talk about issues and strategies that are important to families on a regular basis, sharing practical tips that parents can implement right away.

See our workshops page for more information on upcoming parent workshops, or to purchase access to one of our recorded courses.

Parent Coaching Benefits

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Learn Skills That Will Last a Lifetime

the BC Autism Funding is limited, but the skills you learn in parent coaching will be helpful for you for many years to come. You can be your child’s greatest teacher without sacrificing your role as a parent.

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Collaborative Coaching

Coaching is a skill all its own, and all of our clinicians have done post certification training in effective parent coaching. We meet you where you are at with the mutual desire to help your child. No shame, blame, or guilt here.

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Take Your Child’s Learning Home

The BC government Autism funding does not cover the cost of recommended intervention dosage, and bringing learning home can help you give your child more practice and support with key skills.