Waiting for an Autism Diagnosis

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Waiting for an Autism Diagnosis

If you are waiting on a diagnosis for your child but understand the value of early intervention, our parent coaching programs are a great way to get tailored, individual support that is cost-effective. A formal diagnosis is not required for enrollment in our in-clinic program. Some families choose to enroll their children prior to receiving a diagnosis to get a head start on concerns they have.

Waiting for a Diagnosis Options

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Parent Coaching

If you have concerns about your child’s development, there are many things we can work on collaboratively to help your child get a strong start. We can help you make a connection with your child and develop an active role to support their growth and development. Parent coaching can be offered on a short term basis to give you insight into initial concerns, or on a longer term basis to tackle a series of goals together.

Many families who choose this option report that they have more engaging interactions with their children and feel more competent in supporting their child’s communication and unique needs.

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In-Clinic Program

Early intervention is most effective when developmental concerns arise. We do not require a diagnosis for entry into our in-clinic program. If you have concerns and would like to get your child started in intervention while waiting for a formal diagnostic assessment, we can accommodate this.