Loud or Quiet Game

March 6, 2022

Kids absolutely love this Loud and Quiet game! This game is great for teaching the differences between loud and quiet, following directions, sorting, and listening skills, to name a few. Furthermore, this game is so easy to set up! Find the supplies, instructions, and tips to play below!

What you will need:

  • Something to sort the play pieces into, like an egg carton or ice cube tray.
  • Assorted knick-knacks from around the house (we like to use odd play pieces and toys)
  • A cookie tin (you could also use a metal baking tray)

*Note-When choosing the game pieces, you want to have an assortment of toys and objects that make both loud and quiet noises when dropped into the tin. Think of toys like blocks, plastic figurines, and cars for the loud toys. Think about softer items like a small stuffed animal, pom-poms, pipe cleaners, and felt play pieces for the quiet toys.

Directions & Tips:

  1. Drop play pieces one by one into the cookie tin with your child. If the noise is loud, show your child how to sort it into the egg carton for “loud toys” if it is quiet, show your toddler how to sort the piece into the quiet side.
  2. You can also encourage learning the difference between loud and quiet by changing your tone of voice to match the items in the game. For instance, if we threw a pom-pom into the tin, we could very quietly say, ” shh, quiet!” Likewise, if we added something loud!
  3. You can also give your child directions like “let’s put the pipe cleaner in the tin, or “do you want to add the blocks to the tin next?”
  4. Lastly, you can also encourage your child to label items as they pick them up. If they are unsure which items are which, you can start by naming the objects for them.

This game has endless learning possibilities and is super flexible! No need to go out and buy new craft supplies in order to participate!