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Pursuing Excellence in Service Delivery for Children with Autism

In this section we outline some of the driving philosophies of our program, and what sets our program apart. We are passionate about delivering effective, quality, and developmentally appropriate services for young children with autism to help your child turn baby steps into long strides towards their goals.


The staff at our centre are highly qualified clinicians who are committed to excellence in treatment delivery. Our treatment teams are comprised of: 

  • Behaviour Analysts (BCBA) and certified ESDM Therapists

  • Interns with a Bachelors or Masters degree, working towards board certification with the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board

  • Registered Psychologist

  • Behaviour Interventionists/Early Intervention Therapists


We have close relationships with other professionals in the community, and strive to offer comprehensive care across all of the complex areas of development that can be affected with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. We offer the have partnerships with the following organizations to best serve our clients:

  • ABLE Developmental Clinic, Inc. - Psychologists, Speech-Language Pathology, Counselling

  • AIMS (Autism Integrated Medical Services) - Developmental Pediatrics

  • Pacific Autism Family Network - Occupational Therapy and other services


Collaboration is essential to the success of our students. We aim to create a collaborative partnership with families, caregivers, and any service providers that may be involved with your child's treatment team. This may include, preschools, daycares, supported child development, infant development, and other specialists that you already have as part of your treatment team.


Our treatment team is led by experts in behaviour analysis and child development with considerable experience in the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis and early intervention. We are committed to on-going professional development to stay current with the ever evolving research in early childhood autism intervention.