Parent Coaching Services

Building Success in your Day-to-Day Routines

Parent Coaching/Training Programs

Structured programs that teach a variety of skills shown to be helpful in managing challenging behaviour, through either a parent coaching or parent training format.  These programs usually require a 10-12 week commitment, and daily practice between coaching sessions. The programs currently offered are: 


  • Balance Parent Coaching Program: Aims to prevent the development of severe problem behaviour, delivered by a Behaviour Analyst trained in the Balance program.

  • RUBI Parent Training Curriculum: Structured skill based curriculum for teaching effective behaviour management strategies applicable to a wide variety of situations, Delivered by a Case Manager with supervision provided by a Behaviour Analyst. 

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Focused Parent Coaching/Training

Flexible, trouble-shooting sessions to help you with a particular focused issue or routine for which you would like guidance and assistance. This option is best to address specific difficult routines, behavioural problems, and/or skill deficits in a limited number of contexts. Delivered by a Case Manager with supervision provided by a Behaviour Analyst.  

Parent Coaching/Training for Skill Building


Support your child's development by incorporating learning opportunities throughout your day. Through this program you will work directly with a Case Manager (with supervision provided by a Behaviour Analyst)  or Behaviour Analyst to determine appropriate teaching goals for your child and learn how to teach your child in every day interactions. 

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