Useful information about autism intervention in BC and beyond

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Autism Society of BC Lending Library: Browse their catalog online or in person at the Pacific Autism Family Network building. Membership is free and the service will mail resources to you.

Autism Information Services (AIS): Ministry of Children and Family Development service that provides parents with information about autism services in BC and manages the Registry of Autism Service Providers (RASP)

Autism Support Network: This is a local parent run organization that has lots of information on their website, but also run support groups and information sessions regularly.

Autism Community Training (ACT): provides information and training for parents and professionals alike

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Autism Funding in BC: Parent-run website that discusses in detail some of the ins and outs of the autism funding process in BC

Association for Science in Autism Treatment: this link provides some information about specific autism treatments and the relative evidence supporting them

Evidence-Based Instructional Practices for Young Children with Autism: A collection of information maintained by Vanderbilt University 

Autism Internet Modules: Free online training for in treatment strategies 

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UC Davis MIND institute: Research and Certification in ESDM

Time Magazine article about early start and infant start programs

ESDM Canada: Offering training and education in the ESDM in Canada


The Early Start Denver Model: ESDM Blog post on Autism Speaks Canada

Article about ESDM: Texas Statewide Leadership for Autism Education