Group Programs for Autism

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Groups Programs for Autism

Group programs may be a good fit for your child if…

  • Your main goals for your child involve interacting socially with others
  • Your child is approaching entry to kindergarten or in early elementary school
  • Your child can communicate with others (vocally or non-vocally), follow simple instructions, and behave safely towards others

Group Program Offerings

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Level UP! Social Skills Group

Mondays or Tuesdays at 4:30pm

Level UP! Is a group based, social-emotional skill development program for kids aged 5-8 years, with an introductory playgroup for kids 3-5 years. Classes will follow a structured curriculum, with group learning objectives, evidence-based teaching strategies and strong clinical oversight from a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst to help kids with social communication difficulties find confidence in social situations. Our groups focus on skills like social reciprocity, social initiation, perspective-taking, and self awareness. This includes executive functioning and emotion regulation skills as needed. This program is especially great for parents wanting to help get their little ones school ready!

How to register:

  1. Contact our front desk
  2. Schedule a phone call with the supervising behaviour analyst
  3. Complete a trial session to ensure group programming is an effective learning placement for your child
  4. Enroll in sessions
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Group-Based ESDM (G-ESDM)

Our group based ESDM program is a subset of our in-clinic program that occurs at a lower staffing ratio (2 staff to 3 children or 2 staff to 4 children) to better prepare children for learning in a classroom setting. All students in our in-clinic program are able to transition to a group ratio once they have the prerequisites for learning in this environment. 

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Ready to Start

We pre-screen all students for group program readiness to ensure that this will be a productive placement for your child. When you get in touch and let us know that you’re interested in group programming, we will chat about your child, answer any questions you may have, and set up a time to do a group program assessment. We may recommend that your child starts in a 1:1 program for a period of time to build skills that will allow them to be successful in a small group environment.

How We Can Help You

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Social Opportunities

Students in our group programs are screened for program readiness and matched based on age and abilities. This makes group program placements a great place for students to make friendships with like-minded peers.

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Lower Staffing Ratio

Transitioning from a one-to-one placement to a classroom at kindergarten entry can be challenging for children, and group placements are a great way to provide a bridge to the lower classroom ratio that is often required at kindergarten entry.

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Social Learning

Our group program staff create careful teaching opportunities that blend multiple children’s goals into a single activity. Children have the opportunity to learn from other students’ teaching and build social learning skills.