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Transitioning to Kindergarten

June 8, 2022

Having your child enter kindergarten can bring about many emotions. Whether this is your first  child, your last, or somewhere in between, it is common to have some apprehension about…

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Easter Bunny Printable Activity

April 8, 2022

Happy Friday Everyone! With Easter Bunnies and chocolate eggs all around, we are sharing a great activity that you can do with your little ones for this upcoming Easter Weekend!…

UP early intervention clinic Rainbow Bingo

Rainbow BINGO Game

April 2, 2022

Here is a super fun game you can play with items and small toys you already have around the house! To play: Print the attached document below, then cut out…

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Free Fine Motor Skills Printable

March 25, 2022

Happy Friday Everyone! Today we have the cutest printable available for you to print by clicking below!Help your little one trace over the lines in order to help the objects…

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Professional Development at UP

March 6, 2022

Assent Based Learning with Landa Fox – November 19th 2021 UP Clinic will be closed on the morning of Friday, November 19th for an exciting professional development workshop with Landa…

UP early intervention clinic blog loud or quiet game

Loud or Quiet Game

March 6, 2022

Kids absolutely love this Loud and Quiet game! This game is great for teaching the differences between loud and quiet, following directions, sorting, and listening skills, to name a few.…